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  Marcus Waibel was born in southern Germany and lives near Berlin. Since his piano studies (with Edgardo Sanchez and Marian Migdal) he has worked as a performer, composer and producer. Amongst others he has cooperated with the Choreographer Joseph Tmim (Tel Aviv, composition of To Bavel Two and Hevalim III).

Marcus also performs concerts and produces CDs with saxophonist and composer Ulrich Krieger (Los Angeles, USA). He has made recordings with Lou Reed, Phil Niblock, Merzbow, Lee Renaldo, Zbigniev Karkowski, Franz Hautzinger and many more.

At present he is engaged as the producer of Carlo Domeniconi’s CD series Selected Works.

Carlo Domeniconi CD series Selected Works Marcus Waibel is the producer of Carlo Domeniconi's
CD series Selected Works.
  Marcus Waibel, producer WW Studio

Marcus Waibel

photo: Annette Waibel
March 2015: Carlo Domeniconi's new CD "Selected Works VII" is now available. The official website of Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist web design: Ursa Major